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Air sampling smoke detection kit

Stock no. S54319-S32-A1

Stock no. S54319-S32-A1

  • Reliable monitoring for smoke of supply air, exhaust air and recirculation ducts of air conditioning and ventilation systems

  • Suitable for air speeds from 1 m/s to 20 m/s

  • Smoke detection with specialized Sinteso and Cerberus PRO smoke detectors. Detector and base must be ordered separately.

  • Easy installation with just one air flow tube

  • Accessories for all forms of ventilation ducts



Protection category


Relative humidity

≤95 % rel.

Operating temperature

-20…+50 °C

System compatibility

Sinteso: FDnet, collective
Cerberus PRO: C-NET, collective

Permissible air speed

1…20 m/s

Airflow indicator

≥1 m/s


~RAL 7001, Silver gray


FDBZ290-AA Air flow tube, length 600 mm, FDBZ290-AB Air flow tube, length 1500 mm, FDBZ290-AC Air flow tube, length 2800 mm, FDBZ290-AD Mounting bracket, FDBZ292-AD Sealing kit, A5Q00004478 Screwed cable gland M20 x 1.5, A5Q00004479 Back nut M20 x 1.5