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Operating add-on (2xEVAC)

Stock no. S54400-F78-A1

Stock no. S54400-F78-A1

The operating add-on is composed of an operation of 10 zones and an extension of another 10 zones. This application completes the fire control panel with evacuation operating panel used by the fire brigade to activate or deactivate alarming devices in single zones. The operating add-on can be directly mounted into a fire control panel. When the operating add-on is used remote from the control panel in a separate housing the connector board FTI2001-N1 is necessary.

Connection to fire control panel via serial RS485 interface.

Inclusive cables and screws for installation.

The RS485 module and the connector board FTI2002-N1 must be ordered separately.



Dimensions (W x H x D)

427 x 200 x 25 mm