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Electronic unit for DC1192

Stock no. BPZ:5081200001

Stock no. BPZ:5081200001

Electronic unit for DC1192 input/output module is used in the

SynoLOOP fire detection system for the connection of fire detectors with collective/SynoLINE600 address (special detectors

or via shunt Zener diode barriers, detectors for explosion-hazard areas) or for the activation of alarm devices. The built-in isolator enables the fire control panel to localize short circuits and open lines. With the auto-addressable feature, no dip switch or punch card settings have to be made. The electronic unit is plugged into the housing just before commissioning.

The line termination elements are also included in the packaging.



Detection line voltage

DC 18...22 V

Operating voltage

External DC 18...32 V

Detection line current

Max. 5 mA

Operating current

Control line max. 2 A, 60 W

Quiescent current

≤45 mA