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Cerberus DMS

Danger management station

Stock no. CerberusDMS

Stock no. CerberusDMS

Cerberus DMS is the next-generation management station. It is flexible and customizable to give you the power to respond to life safety events faster and with more information than other platforms.

Cerberus DMS is an integrated management platform covering Siemens standard systems for fire safety, intrusion detection and video for alarm verification.

Features and benefits

Ease of use to operate: Save operation costs and increase reliability by enabling faster and more accurate decisions in an emergency situation thanks to comprehensive user interface.

  • Workflow driven user interface for any discipline and any type of user that dynamically “anticipates” next steps

  • Assisted and investigative event management for fast response to critical events

  • Web client and regular installed client with identical functionality allow access from everywhere at any time

  • Customized reporting capabilities

  • Built-in e-mail for remote notification

Easy and fast engineering: Reducing engineering costs and time thanks to remote and online engineering in real time!

  • Online engineering to speed up project commissioning time and to reduce system downtime

  • Local and remote (Web) engineering with full capabilities

  • Comprehensive libraries

  • Powerful multi-layered graphics supporting animated symbols, import of AutoCAD plans

  • Built-in profiles for fire safety and security users

Openess and integration: Adapt to changing customer needs with multidiscipline design and intelligent interactions.

  • Open interfaces via BACnet, SNMP, OPC and Modbus

  • Standard interface support for IT systems

  • Normalization and management of data from multiple sources

  • Able to grow with the facility’s needs

  • Scalable to support small and large facilities