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Stock no. S55370-C102

Stock no. S55370-C102

In connection with the function blocks, the RMS705B complements the range of Synco700 products as a freely configurable unit for

  • control and supervisory functions in heating, ventilation and refrigeration plant

  • non-standard applications

and, for this reason, offers no predefined standard applications.

The RMS705B is especially suited for the following functions:

  • Connection of additional universal alarm inputs

  • Adding free inputs for display and supervision

  • Event logging (e.g. legionella function)

  • Additional time programs (ON / OFF) for basic functions

  • Maximum and minimum selection

  • Calculation of average

  • Calculation of enthalpy, enthalpy differential, absolute humidity, dewpoint and wet bulb temperature

  • Logic function blocks for switching on / off depending on different conditions

  • Lead / lag control of pumps, fans, motors, chillers, etc., with automatic changeover

  • Step switch with linear, binary or flexible functionality

  • Autonomous sequence controllers with P, PI or PID mode

Available extension modules:

  • 1 universal module RMZ785

  • 2 universal modules RMZ787

  • 2 universal modules RMZ788

Total maximal 4 extension modules per RMS705B can be connected.

Suitable types of operator units:

  • Plug-in operator unit type RMZ790

  • Detached operator unit type RMZ791

  • Bus operating unit type RMZ792



Control loops, number


Operating voltage

AC 24 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

12 VA



Analog outputs, number


Analog output, signal

DC 0...10 V

Analog output, current

Max. 1 mA

Universal input, signal

LG-Ni1000, 2 x LG-Ni1000, T1 (PTC), Pt1000, 0...1000, DC 0...10, Digital pulse contact, Potential-free digital status contact Ohm

Relay outputs, number


Relay outputs

Potential-free switching contact

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 19...250 V

Relay output, switching current

4 (3) A

Universal inputs, number


Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

173 x 90 x 80 mm