Variable Speed Drive for pumps and fans

Stock no. BPZ:G120P..

Stock no. BPZ:G120P..

Variable speed drive for energy-optimized speed control of pump, compressor and fan motors in building control applications, including: Powermodule PM230, ControlUnit CU230P-2 BT with screening plate without panel. Available degree of protection: IP20 and IP55.

Additional info

The G120P Bundle does not contain an operator panel or blanking cover. To achieve the IP55 or IP54 protection rating with the IP55 devices, please order an operator panel or blanking cover separately.



Operating voltage

400 V


47...63 Hz


Modbus/RTU, RS485/USS, BACnetMS/TP, PROFIBUS (optional), PROFINET (optional), CANopen (optional), P1 FLN

Overload capacity

FSA-FSC: 110% for 57 sec. and 150% for 3 sec. every 300 sec.
FSD-FSF: 110% for 60 sec. every 300 sec.

Protection functions

- Overvoltage and undervoltage, - VSD overtemperature, - Motor temperature with PTC via special input terminals, - I²t motor, thermal, - Ground fault, short circuit, - Stalling current and locked rotor

PWM frequency

4 kHz...16 kHz (2 kHz steps)

Output frequency

0…550 Hz

Analog inputs

Switchable, programmable scaling

Analog inputs, number


Analog input, signal

DC -10...10, DC 0...10, DC 0...20, DC 2...10, DC 4...20, Pt1000, LG-Ni1000 V

Analog outputs

Programmable scaling, Switchable

Analog outputs, number


Analog output, signal

DC 0...10, DC 2...10, DC 0...20, DC 4...20 V

Digital inputs, number


Digital inputs

Potential-free input signal, Programmable

Relay outputs

Potential-free switchover contacts, Programmable

Relay outputs, number


Relay output, switching voltage

AC 250, DC 30 V

Relay output, switching current

AC 2, DC 5 A

Operating temperature

0…60 °C

Product conformity



EN 61800-3

Product Variants