Central control unit RMB795B-2 with languages de, fr, nl, en

Stock no. S55370-C163

Stock no. S55370-C163

  • Central control unit with integrated control and supervisory functions for individual room control with RXB and RXL room controllers and room thermostats RDG/RDF/RDU

  • Central collection of heating and cooling demands from any KNX room controllers

  • Control of any HVAC primary controllers in dependence on the received and calculated heating/cooling demands

  • Individual time programs for room groups

  • Preselected operating modes and setpoints‚ minimum / maximum temperature supervision and supervision of RXB/RXL room controllers and room thermostats RDG/RDF/RDU

  • Operation and monitoring of individual RXB/RXL room controllers

  • Trend and fault reporting functions for the input variables temperature‚ relative / absolute humidity‚ pressure / differential pressure‚ volumetric air flow‚ indoor air quality‚ etc.

  • Heating / cooling changeover function for operation with 2-pipe systems

  • Flexible configuration

  • Functionality can be extended (extension modules)

  • Clear-text operation with separate operator unit (plug-in type or detached)

  • Integrated KNX bus communication

  • No extra commissioning tool required

Extension modules complement the RMB795B central control unit and offer extra functions. The extension modules are attached to the RMB795B central control unit. Full operation from commissioning to enduser operation via operator unit.

Available extension modules:

  • max. 1 universal module RMZ785

  • max. 2 universal modules RMZ787

Available operator units:

  • Plug-in type operator unit RMZ790



Operating voltage

AC 24 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

12 VA



Analog outputs, number


Analog output, signal

DC 0...10 V

Analog output, current

Max. 1 mA

Universal input, signal

0...1000, 1000...1175, 2 x LG-Ni1000, DC 0...10, Potential-free digital status contact, LG-Ni1000, Pt1000, T1 (PTC) Ohm

Relay outputs, number


Relay outputs

Potential-free switching contact

Relay output, switching voltage

AC 19...250 V

Relay output, switching current

4 (3) A

Universal inputs, number


Degree of protection