Service tool for KNX / LPB

Stock no. BPZ:OCI700.1

Stock no. BPZ:OCI700.1

The service tool consists of:

  • ACS790 CD-ROM

  • OCI700 service interface

  • USB cable

  • Service cable for Synco™ controllers

  • Service cable for SIGMAGYR® and ALBATROS controllers

Commissioning and diagnostics of the following devices:

Synco devices:

  • Central communication units OZW771, OZW772

  • Heating controllers RMH of the 700-series

  • Boiler sequence controllers RMK of the 700-series

  • Universal controllers RMU of the 700-series

  • Universal controllers RLU of the 200-series

  • Switching and monitoring devices RMS of the 700-series

  • Room unit QAW740

  • Central control units RMB of the 700-series

  • Individual room controllers RXB.. / RXL..

  • Signal converter SEZ220

  • Synco™ living central apartment unit QAX9..

  • Synco™ thermostats RDF.., RDG.., RDU341

  • Sensores: QMX3.P30, QMX3.P70, AQR253.. and AQR257..

LPB devices:

  • Central communication units OCI611 and OZW672

  • Heating controllers RVL of the 4..-series

  • Heating controllers RVP of the 3..-series

  • District heating controllers RVD of the 2..-series