System overview

Desigo™ a modern building automation and control system

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Desigo – the innovative system for highest efficiency and safety in the building

Desigo ™ is a modern building automation and control system (BACS) for the entire fi eld of building systems. With system functions such as alarm management, time scheduling, and trend logging, combined with advanced control functions, Desigo is a highly versatile asset in a building. Innovative web technology, powerful databases and open communications make Desigo a financially wise investment in the future. Scalable from small to large projects with the highest degree of energy effi ciency, transparency and optimum operational management as well as applications for infrastructure and industry.

Desigo is consistent in its support of open communications, making it easy to connect a wide variety of building systems on the basis of standard open data interfaces:

  • BACnet TM from room automation to the management level

  • KNX®, DALI, EnOcean® and L on W orks ® to network room automation and secondary processes

  • M-bus, Modbus, OPC, MS/TP and other interfaces for universal connection of third-party devices and systems

  • Ethernet TCP/IP network protocol