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UP 525/..3

Universal Dimmer, (R,L,C load)

Stock no. 5WG1525-2AB..3

Stock no. 5WG1525-2AB..3

  • One output for switching and dimming resistive, inductive or capacitive loads

  • Automatic adjustment to leading edge or trailing edge control, depending on the type of load

  • Rated operational voltage 230 V AC

  • Rated frequency 50...60 Hz

  • Rated power at +35°C ambient temperature: 10…250 VA

  • Electronic protection of the output against overload, short circuit and temperature rise

  • Screwless terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core, stranded or multi-core conductors, 0.5...2.5mm²

  • Bus-powered electronics

  • Integrated bus coupling units, bus connection via bus terminal

  • For insertion in flush-mounting switch and socket boxes 60 mm in diameter and 60 mm deep

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