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8 Triac output module

Stock no. S55661-J106

Stock no. S55661-J106

8 Triac outputs, signaled with green LED.

8 AO, configurable for:

  • Permanent contact

  • Three-point positioning output with internal stroke model

  • Pulsewidth-modulated output (PWM)

  • Switching voltage AC 24 V

  • Switching current AO 3-position: 250 mA / 6 VA per output

  • Switching current AO PWM, BO: 125 mA / 3 VA per output

Additional info

Easy-to-understand operation:

  • Local priority operation as per VDI3814

  • Simple display concept with LCD and colored LEDs



Operating voltage

DC 22.5...26 V

Power consumption

1.0 W


0.198 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

64 x 77.5 x 98 mm