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Automation station BACnet/LonTalk, with up to 200 data points

Stock no. BPZ:PXC100.D

Stock no. BPZ:PXC100.D

The freely programmable modular series PXC..D automation stations with its free I/O configuration and DIN compliant construction are optimized for panel assembly. It primarily controls and monitors larger items of plant. The flexible TX-I/O modul product range for signaling, measuring, metering, switching and positioning can be seamlessly connect to the automation station.

  • Management functions (alarm management, time schedules, trend functions, remote management, access protection etc.)

  • Standalone application or for use in the device or system network

  • PXX-L11/12 for connecting RXC room controllers / LonWorks devices

  • Connection of the PXM.. operator unit

  • BTL tested BACnet communication on LonTalk, PTP or IP according to BACnet standard (rev 1.12 - as of Desigo V6.0) incl. B-BC profile

  • AMEV profiles AS-A and AS-B according to guide line "BACnet 2011 - Version 1.2 (as of Desigo V6.0)"

Additional info


These freely programmable automation stations provide the infrastructure to accommodate and process system-specific and application-specific functions.

In addition to the control functions, the automation station also incorporates convenient integrated management functions such as:

  • Alarm management with alarm routing throughout the network. Management of simple, basic and extended alarms, with safe-transfer tracking and automatic monitoring of alarm transmission

  • Time schedules

  • Trend functions

  • Remote management function with PXA40..

  • Access protection throughout the network with individually definable user profiles and categories


The devices communicate via an open bus system using the international BACnet standard protocol. Both peer-to-peer communications with other automation stations and connections to the PXM20/PXM20-E operator units are integrated.

Operation and monitoring

The automation stations are operated with the convenient PXM20 operator unit, which has a keypad for operation, and a display panel for graphs and plain text. The PXM20/PXM20-E operator units can be used as local or distributed devices for operation of all plant interconnected in the same network.

The PXA40-W0/W1/W2 option modules allow remote operation and monitoring of one or more DESIGO PXC100-E.D / PXC200-E.D automation stations using standard Internet browser.



Operating voltage

AC 24 V


50/60 Hz


Bus: BACnet / LonTalk

Rate of transmission

LON-bus: 78 kbps
Ethernet / IP: 10/100 MBit/s

Battery life

4 years


Flash: 32 MB, SDRAM: 64 MB

Dimensions (W x H x D)

192 x 74 x 96 mm

Degree of protection