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AP 221

Wall transmitter, EnOcean,single, DELTA i-system

Stock no. 5WG4221-3AB..

Stock no. 5WG4221-3AB..

  • One centered rockers

  • Vertical operation

  • Energy generation at the button press by means of induction, without batteries, maintenance-free

  • Up to 2 pushbutton functions per rocker

  • Selectable function per pushbutton: Switching Over, Switching On, Switching Off, 8-bit value, 1 pushbutton dimming, 1 pushbutton sun protection control

  • For the pushbutton pair selectable function Switching ON/OFF, 2-button dimming with stop telegram, 2-button sun protection control

  • Radio telegram according to EnOcean standard at 868.3 MHz

  • Transmitting power of max. 10 mW

  • As surface-mounting unit for screwing or sticking



Dimensions (W x H x D)

55 x 55 x 7.3 mm

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