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Desigo Insight management station

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Desigo CC sets new management station standards

The Desigo CC™ control center is the latest in Siemens high-standard management stations, representing the best of 30 years of world wide experience. Completely new software is based on state-of-the-art technologies. Powerful, new patented functionalities and capabilities provide optimal control of your facility. A global team of experts designed the user interface and workflow concepts for maximum efficiency. Desigo CC gives you a comfortable, easy and efficient way to operate, monitor, supervise, optimize and manage your system. Desigo CC also ensures and prepares your installed systems for future migrations. Web client options reduce maintenance costs over the entire life cycle. With its future-oriented and discipline-independent approaches, Desigo CC enhances and protects your investments today and in the future.

The Desigo CC management station presents a single face to the customer for building automation, fire safety, mass notification and security systems, or a combination thereof. Offering scalability of all configurations and allowing needbased expansion from small and medium to large and complex systems, Desigo CC provides customer and market-specific solutions.

  • Full integration of building automation, fire safety, intrusion, and live IP camera systems.

  • Collect, view, analyze and compare trend information.

  • Workflow-oriented user interface (Pat. Pend.) enables fast and accurate operation and event handling.

  • Support for the leading open standards: BACnet, OPC, ONVIF and SNMP.

  • The latest IT technologies, including 64-bit operating system support.

  • Fire Safety Standard (UL864 9th Edition, ULC-S527-11) for Control Units and Accessories.

  • Multiple client options for installed, browser-based and Windows App clients with the same user interface.