8 Universal I/O Module, Override and LCD

Stock no. BPZ:TXM1.8U-ML

Stock no. BPZ:TXM1.8U-ML

8 inputs/outputs signaled with green LED, with local operation as per ISO 16484 with LCD signal display.

8 universal I/O points, individually configurable as:

  • DI: Message signal, message impulse or counter impulse (25 Hertz)

  • AI: Temperature sensor or DC 0...10 V

  • AO: DC 0...10 V

Additional info

Easy-to-understand operation:

  • Local priority operation as per VDI3814

  • Simple display concept with LCD and colored LEDs



Operating voltage

DC 22.5...26 V

Power consumption

1.8 W


0.202 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)

64 x 77.5 x 98 mm