Operator unit with BACnet on LonTalk

Stock no. BPZ:PXM20

Stock no. BPZ:PXM20

The network-capable PXM20 operator unit allows for homogenous operation of a multitude of building services plants at the automation level. The operator unit offers an operating keyboard and a high-resolution display for graphics and text. The PXM20 can be used on-site or remote for all plants connected via a network. The operator unit can be integrated in a panel or plugged into a modular automation station of the PXC..-U series.

Operating functions

Transparently organized function and quick-access keys allow even casual users to expertly operate the unit. The operator unit offers the following operator functions (among others):

  • Easy-to-understand user instructions via the plant function

  • Full access to all actual values, setpoints, plant and operating states, and parameters

  • Complete data point operation and setpoint entry via clear text

  • Optical and acoustic alarm indication.

  • Alarm management with acknowledgement function and alarm memory

  • Graphical display for scheduler program, exception day calendar, online trend heating curve

  • Summary of all important values via Favorites

  • Support of multi-level access protection



Operating voltage

AC 24, DC 12...40 V


50/60 Hz

Power consumption

4, 9 W

Display size

Display area: 123 x 68 mm
No. of dots: 240 x 128 dots


Keypad with plastic membrane and pressure point

Interface type

LON-bus, RS 232-interface


In panel, On automation station PXC..-U, On DIN rail

Ambient temperature, operation

0...50 °C

Degree of protection


Dimensions (W x H x D)

210 x 117 x 37 mm