Life Science Customer Day in Lisbon

Friday, June 10, 2016

On the 31st of May 2016, Siemens Building Technologies Portugal hosted more than 40 of the country’s industry professionals for the Life Science Industry Customer and Planner Day held in Lisbon. We were pleased to see so many familiar faces at the conference room of the Lisbon Oceanarium. The customer event saw lively discussions, knowledge sharing and experiences.

During the event, both current and prospective customers had the opportunity to learn how Siemens Building Technologies is able to help their businesses grow and meet global good automated manufacturing practice standards. The Portuguese pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a revolution of its own, with its new push to become a global player, and this is timed perfectly with the current global industrial revolution.

We welcomed two notorious guest speakers, Mr. Amjad Wabheh, Vice-President, at the Hikma Pharmaceutical company and Mr. Joël from the Acet Engineering company. Both speakers have a very long track record in executing projects in the Pharmaceutical Industry and shared their experience in planning and executing multi-million € investments in plants, equipment and building technologies according to extremely strict FDA regulations.

Attendees from the Life Science sector had the opportunity to learn about our comprehensive concept of the laboratory solution which enables the interaction of the different disciplines, leading to an improvement in safety and a significant reduction of the energy consumption. Life science buildings have strictly regulated environments that rely on comprehensive monitoring and precise control of all environmental parameters. We demonstrated that our intelligent building automation meets the high technical requirements and particularly the strict regulatory requirements of the life science industry.

The attendees were able to learn about good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP) with a view to achieving compliant systems Validation. In risk sectors and especially pharmaceutical technology, GAMP qualification is usually an integral part of the project process. Besides well-founded expertise, the appropriate know how in this multilevel quality management is essential. We provide our customers with this expertise as a service.

The breakout sessions covered Critical Environment Technologies (CET) based on Desigo CC and Compact Monitoring Technology, as well as application stories and value proposals. Numerous questions on CET and individual clean room applications as well as lively discussions proved a source of valuable insight for both the customers and BT participants.

With solutions such as these, our guests will be inspired on how they can improve the operations of their businesses, reducing time to market and improving overall efficiency.

Let’s look forward to many more successful customer days!

Erik Heymans 

Head BT EU Life Science Zone West