Explore the building management platform Desigo CC in action

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The integrated building management platform Desigo CC that increases performance and reduces operating costs, offers you more comfort, safety and security. All your benefits can now be explored interactively in our new interactive application. Screen recordings and images demonstrate the features and functions.
Remote Access
All disciplines can be managed with Desigo CC from one platform, via remote access and from any device. This enables being informed about events at any time, and handling them from anywhere.
Open by design
Desigo CC supports many communication protocols like BACnet, OPC, KNX and Modbus which allows great flexibility as well as an easy and fast integration of 3rd-party suppliers.
Improving performance
High-performance applications allow powerful reports and data analysis. This helps figuring out issues faster, to make quick and right decisions.

Kristine Wollweber