Secure, reliable operation and energy supply

Over the past years power utilities have increasingly become strategic targets for physical and cyber attacks from internal and external aggressors.

In view of increasingly interconnected power grids, failure of individual sites poses a threat to grid stability resulting in potential blackouts for large geographical areas.

Our solution

With our integrated security solutions we help reduce the risk of power supply disruption due to security breaches, and in the event of an incident, help limit damage and restore supply as quickly as possible.

Our solutions range from access control and intelligent video surveillance solutions to complex, integrated command and control platforms.

Those solutions are scalable and adaptable to each type of site, integrating seamlessly into the overall efficiency improvement processes and infrastructure – cost-effectively, whatever the facility.


  • Assured operational continuity and protection of geographically dispersed infrastructure and sites

  • Prevention of unauthorized physical access to power utility facilities and infrastructure

  • Scalable and open command and control platforms

  • Improved situational awareness and automated response processes to ensure swift action and early alarming to minimize damage

  • Compliance with local and global standards and regulations