Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems

Air renewal, in occupied buildings where the air is used up or polluted very quickly is a fundamental requirement of building comfort. Individual zones such as offices, the control room, turbine hall, and other plant buildings all have different requirements. Despite the need to introduce fresh air to these zones, the space temperatures must also be maintained at the required level.

Air conditioning systems

Our sense of well-being and efficiency is affected not only by the room temperature, but also by the humidity, cleanliness, and freshness of the air – in other words indoor conditions must be tuned as finely as possible to the human organism and senses. An air conditioning plant can influence these factors. The air is treated by use of heating coils, cooling coils, and air humidifiers. Siemens has a range of control systems, field devices and interfaces for all types of air conditioning systems – systems operate automatically and can be networked around the power plant to make the best possible use of the available energy.

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