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Technical rooms

Tunnel availability – protecting critical systems in technical rooms

Tunnel operation and availability can be affected by incidents outside the tunnel itself. Technical rooms house many systems and equipment that are critical to the safe and continuous operation of tunnels (control cabinets for fire safety systems, ventilation, traffic signal systems etc.). These systems should therefore also be included in tunnel safety concepts, and be protected against damage – the highest risk being fire. 

Fast and reliable fire detection

Fire detection in tunnel technical rooms can be challenging for traditional smoke detection systems. In an environment with often high concentration of equipment and cables, even minor short circuits can have serious consequences: The combination of electrical sources and combustible materials such as plastics means that fires typically start slowly with a long period of overheating and smoldering before erupting into flames; detecting smoke early is therefore essential to avoid the onset of flames. However, the high levels of ventilation necessary to prevent equipment overheating also disperse smoke, making it more difficult to detect and enhancing the risk of a fast fire distribution to other areas.

Our fire detection concept for tunnel technical rooms combines aspirating smoke detection and highly accurate smoke detection with Sinteso™ S-LINE detectors in the room, under raised floors or in cable ducts. Aspirating smoke detectors counteract the high ventilation levels by providing continuous air sampling and analysis. When smoke particles are detected, a pre-alarm is generated, triggering a ventilation shut down and enabling S-LINE detectors to verify the alarm. On alarm confirmation, the extinguishing system is activated. 

Damage mitigation and speedy recovery with tailored extinguishing

In tunnel technical rooms, Siemens recommends Sinorix™ CDT with innovative constant discharge technology, which floods the room with natural agents in 60 seconds, extinguishing the fire reliably. The nitrogen-based agent is harmless to people, the environment, and the electrical infrastructure.

The unique constant discharge technology employed ensures minimum overpressure and turbulences, reducing the risk of further damage to critical systems. XC10 extinguishing panels enable all incidents to be forwarded to the relevant fire safety systems, and can also integrate with the ventilation systems to reduce the risk of fires being fuelled.