The service success factor for tunnels

Siemens is a partner that gets involved from day one: working alongside architects, engineers, and contractors, our fire safety experts build on their in-depth knowledge of tunnel fire development patterns to conduct thorough risk analysis and system evaluations. They can design systems that not only will deliver optimal fire safety, but also optimize operational readiness, maximize incident response efficiency, and facilitate self-rescue concepts for users – all this within today’s regulatory requirements, whilst leaving room for future expansions or upgrades.

Improve tunnel availability with comprehensive services

When selecting fire safety systems, particular consideration should also be given to the service levels offered by the chosen provider – and their effects on daily tunnel availability and safety levels.

Siemens offers a comprehensive service portfolio, Advantage™ Services – encompassing life cycle management, operational services, alarm management, as well as system maintenance and knowledge services. Combined with our “Guaranteed Repair Time”, this means that we remain proactive in our involvement over the entire tunnel project life cycle, thereby ensuring high performance in the long run.