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Control room

A firm control on tunnel operational and safety systems

The smooth and safe operation of tunnels requires a wide range of systems. Yet, all the information gathered by these systems (power supply, luminance and air measurement, communications, traffic control systems, automatic incident detection, and safety systems, etc.) is of little value unless it is integrated into an overall picture.

Complete system integration for accurate response to events

At Siemens, we know that in the complex tunnel environment, seamless interaction between the various subsystems and technologies is paramount to ensuring the highest safety levels, improving tunnel availability, and lowering operational costs.

The ITCC from Siemens caters for tunnels of all types and sizes, allowing not only the traffic guidance and control equipment, but also the light, air, and power supplies, the fire detection systems, pollution measurement, or emergency call systems to be centrally managed. Integration takes place at automation level for increased redundancy and reliability.

This powerful integration capability – combined with our comprehensive know-how in tunnel safety and operational systems – ensures that the appropriate systems work together to provide the optimal tunnel environment, whether it be to ensure seamless traffic flow or in response to a specific event.

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