Fire protection for rolling stock

The fire protection solutions from Siemens represent the development, design, test, production, supply and service of dedicated fire protection products for rolling stock.


Fire safety is an essential aspect of railway safety. In the event of a fire, a train must be able to continue its journey to reach an appropriate evacuation location for the safety of people, goods and installations.
Automatic fire detection has become an essential aspect in the context of urbanization and constantly increasing traffic. This is especially the case for traveling through tunnels and more generally in non-secured areas. 

The early detection of fire enables the train staff to quickly react to the situation and to initiate counter- and/or evacuation measures. Without innovative technology used correctly, an environment with deceptive phenomena can lead to false alarms. Reliable fire protection solutions for rolling stock from Siemens distinguish between real fire and deceptive phenomena. Siemens develops specific solutions for rolling stock in compliance with European regulations that fulfills system safety integrity level (SIL) 2.

Fire protection FDOOT801 in standalone application

The multisensor smoke/heat detector FDOOT801 with unique false alarm prevention from deceptive phenomena.

Highest availability levels are achieved by a product design maximizing MTBF figure fostering reliability at the best standard. Safety is notably ensured by a software design fulfilling safety integrity level (SIL) 2.
Multi criteria detection algorithm processes optical and thermal sensors signals for a result of low level of false alarm occurrence and high performance in fire detection. Its performance has been proven in aviation application. The detector can manage in- and output peripherals to connect to other systems and devices. 
Especially designed for harsh environment, the multisensory fire detector (FDOOT801) is compliant with EN54-5 and EN54-7 standard, CE regulation and all applicable European rail standards. It uniquely supports a smooth operation of your trains in the most challenging environments.

Fire protection system

The system is composed of the fire control panel FC801 and a loop connecting the fire peripherals such as the multisensor fire detectors (FDOOT801). Up to 32 detectors can be connected to the panel which can manage a maximum of 34 outputs and 68 intputs. The panel is capable of communicating with your train management system via Ethernet indicating the location of the alarm and preventive maintenance information.
For user friendly configuration of customized solutions the configuration management tool FXS8002 provides an exceptional high degree of freedom. The system is fulfilling the system safety integrity level (SIL) 2.

Trailer architecture (one system per car)

Consist architecture (one system for several cars)


  • Flexible system design adjustable to any train configuration

  • Maximized RAMS level – Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety

  • Ethernet capability supporting advanced communication for next generations management systems

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