Port Security – Protection, tracking and compliance made simple.

Today roughly 90% of international container cargo is transported by ship. Improved port security is therefore in everyone’s best interest, transcending borders and setting the groundwork for mandatory and voluntary programs at ports across the world. The aim: to secure vessels and cargo while addressing the growing threat of terrorism. In addition to the protection of people and assets, security measures and technologies are expected to minimize disturbances while enhancing process efficiency. And ultimately, that should all add up to maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Your ROI. To achieve this, you need solutions that are tailor-made to meet the specific challenges that you’re facing.

Your challenges


Ensuring perimeter protection and preventing security breaches – despite challenges arising from geographical conditions and physical layout.


Accounting, protecting, and ensuring continuous movement of vessels, trucks, and containers.


Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Our solution

Siveillance SiteIQ Wide and Siveillance SiteIQ Analytics monitor the site form a single, unified view, geo-referencing objects per display using GIS, site-wide alert levels, automatic/manual PTZ detection and tracking, and smart policy enforcement, ensuring complete situational awareness.

Port Communication Solutions:

For sophisticated resource management, color-coded information, and mobile communication; including iPad, PDAs, digital and analog radio, VoIP / analog telephony, and Email/SMS/Fax

Smart Tracking and Detection Solutions:

From smart cards, screening, and scanning to RFID and intelligent video and detection for protection of territory, vessels, people, cargo / containers, information, and processes.

Command and Control Solutions:

Siveillance Vantage has been specifically designed to offer unified security management at critical infrastructure sites such as ports, pulling sub-systems into a single tool to protect and manage your site and but it allowing you to customize and integrate security policies and procedures.

Your benefit

  • Effective crisis prevention and management

  • Optimized health and safety

  • Increased efficiency in operations

  • Enhanced global reputation