Critical Environment Technology – measurement, control and monitoring of air volume flows and room pressures in buildings

Critical Environment Technology (CET) is a portfolio of reliable air volume flow controllers and additional components for safe, precise and fast measurement, control and monitoring of air volume flows and room pressures in buildings. All components are connected using interfaces according to open standards. CET can also be easily integrated into building automation systems. The overall system offers the highest level of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety and security.

CET was especially designed for:

  • Room ventilation and general extractions

  • Room pressure control

  • Laboratory fume hood control

  • Room air conditioning

The concept behind CET

Critical Environment Technology comprises independently functioning controllers (basic components) and a variety of peripheral devices (supplementary components) such as, for example, VAV dampers, sensors or actuators.

The controllers (basic components) contain parameterizable applications that were developed for the following functions:

  • Air volume flow control and monitoring

  • Room pressure control

  • Laboratory fume hood control

The basic components communicate with one another via a two-wire bus. For this purpose, the basic components are equipped with interfaces according to standard ANSI/EIA 709.1 (LONWORKS). A two-wire bus segment can be supplemented with a BACnet master controller that converts the LON data points to BACnet objects. Thus, ACT seamlessly integrates into the Desigo building automation system.

Air volume flow and room pressure control are suitable for a broad application range:

  • Chemistry room

  • Clean room

  • Laboratory room

  • Operating room

  • Patient room

  • Production room

  • Storage room

  • Laboratory fume hood

  • Chimney hoods and extractions

CET – your benefits

Highest efficiency, safety and security through integral approach

From high-quality single components to a comprehensive overall system, from simplified planning to time-optimized commissioning – together with our Desigo building automation system, CET taps the full potential of your building’s efficiency, safety and security. To ensure demand-controlled operation of the entire plant and to offer users a safe work environment, predefined energy saving functions and emergency scenarios at the room level can be directly combined with the corresponding functions at the system level. A clear and straightforward operation and display concept, realized on individual devices as well as on the control station, provides a detailed, transparent overview of the plant’s status at all times.

Flexible design options due to modular concept

CET is modular and scalable, allowing you to use either individual components from CET or to use CET as a system solution. This makes CET the ideal choice for new buildings as well as for extensions, retrofits and modernizations of existing plants. Our goal was to create a system that knows no limits when it comes to building, room, ventilation and interior design or functional requirements. Today CET comprises a very broad portfolio of ventilation control units and fully programmed applications that offer a high level of flexibility and numerous customization options.

High availability and reliability thanks to proven components

The basis for highest efficiency, safety and security are high-quality components and software modules that can be combined with a system without additional effort. CET uses only products that have been proven and established for many years. As a result, functionality, stability, communication and reliable long-term behavior can be ensured right from the planning phase. This also means minimum disturbances or plant downtimes as well as plannable maintenance over the entire life cycle. Another benefit is the local presence of our competent service engineers, worldwide.