Maximum patient comfort makes your stay convenient and unique

Maximum patient comfort today means feeling comfortable even during a stay in the hospital. In addition to good medical care, patients appreciate having the same level of comfort they are used to in their everyday lives. Our patient room control system is tailored to the daily needs of the patient.

Integrating the room systems increases patient comfort:

  • Individual regulation of room conditions according to the patient's needs, e.g. ventilation, air conditioning, lights, heating, blinds, windows

  • Easy operation (touch screen) increases patient independence and satisfaction and reduces the need to use medical staff for attending to the room

  • The greatest possible room comfort ensures the patient's comfort and well-being

  • Communication and entertainment program with TV, radio and computer games

  • Access to the telephone and Internet provides a connection to work and the outside world

  • Best conditions for recovery and increased patient satisfaction

  • Electronic patient records avoid mix-ups: records are complete and always up to date

Find out what 5-star comfort feels like in a patient room:

Comfort scenario:

You wake up in your patient room after an operation. With its unique and intuitive operation, the bedside touch panel allows you to adapt different parameters to your individual needs:

- Choose a menu
- Adjust the room conditions
- Call for service
- Use the entertainment program (TV, radio, Internet, computer games)