The future is digital - for increased staff productivity

Due to enormous cost pressure, hospitals are forced to fully utilize their savings potential. Networking information and communication systems provides opportunities to lower administrative costs per patient. This reduces doctor and nurse workload and leaves more time for the best possible patient care. Digitization boosts efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously lowering costs, starting at the patient's bed.

Our digital patient records give you the following advantages:

  • Continuously updated patient information from anywhere in the hospital with system access

  • Entering results during an examination reduces the risk of mix-ups

  • Minimizes the rate of errors in the patient records, since there is no need to transfer handwritten notes later on

  • Can be retrieved directly from the patient's bed: Increases convenience for the staff and patient

  • Intuitive touch panel operation

Find out how to improve both safety and work productivity in your hospital at the same time:

Productivity scenario: patient terminal

As the treating physician, you benefit from the patient's bedside touch panel during rounds: Using a badge, you log into the digital patient records. The intuitive operation helps immediately gain a quick yet comprehensive overview of the latest results relating to the patient, medications and other relevant information. This eliminates the danger of mixing up patient records.

The patient records facilitate daily routines, increase the productivity of doctors and nurses and support the patient's sense of well-being.