Access control, fire alarm and standardized emergency scenarios for maximum safety and security

Security plays a key role in the operating theater. Thanks to integration, all disciplines in the operating theater are centrally controlled and can be monitored at a glance with the touch panel. A connection to the hospital emergency system also ensures maximum security in the event that the hospital must be evacuated.

Our solution makes your work safer:

  • Only authorized persons can access the operating area

  • Digital checklist prevents surgical instruments from being left behind after an operation on the patient

  • Integration of pressure monitoring in the building management system ensures rapid compensation in the event of a pressure drop

  • Fire protection - from alarms to hospital evacuation

  • Hospital emergency system with standardized emergency scenarios (e.g. power outage during an operation) keeps the focus on the patient

  • Reduced risk of infection due to optimum airflow conduction (DIN 1946-4)

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Security scenario in the operating theater:

Maximum security in the operating theater for patients and medical staff due to:

- Predefined scenarios (e.g. ex-ray imaging, endoscopy, cleaning, standby mode)
- Adjustment of important room parameters at the press of a button (lights, temperature, air supply, monitoring, status Door interlock (lock/unlock)
- Automatic monitoring of power supply, medical gases, HVAC systems, fire detection and extinguishing
- Continuous monitoring of hygienic conditions by supplying air via the HVAC systems
- Automatic emergency power supply in the event of power outages or disturbances
- Request for assistance without leaving the room