Doctor comfort and top quality through flexible room control

Precision work in the operating theater demands top performance. The physical well-being of doctors and their teams are important factors.

Our operating theater management system helps improve working conditions in the operating theater. It improves doctor comfort in the operating theater not only by storing individual settings for each surgeon but also by selecting standardized settings according to the type of operation (e.g. heart operation). Predefined scenarios also improve safety.

Your surgical teams benefits from:

  • Comfortable room conditions (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, humidity, sanitation and power supply)

  • Individual settings can be stored according to surgeon and type of operation

  • Intuitive touch panel operation

  • Clear system display for reliable control at a glance

Learn how we improve comfort in your operating theater:

Operating theater scenario:

Doctors and their teams should feel comfortable in the operating theater so that they can concentrate on what's most important: the patient's well-being. Our operating theater management system provides maximum comfort and safety by predefined scenarios (e.g. x-ray imaging, endoscopy, heart operations)

- Easy adjustment of individual room parameters at the press of a button and storage of individual settings
- Automatic monitoring of power supply, medical gases, HVAC systems, fire detection and extinguishing
- Continuous monitoring of hygienic conditions by supplying air via the HVAC systems
- Automatic emergency power supply in the event of power outages or disturbances
- Request for assistance without leaving the room