Integrated fire safety solutions for archives and libraries

Maximum protection for precious contents

A highest level of fire safety is required in archive rooms to protect the valuable and unique records and to keep costs for the restoration of damaged material to a minimum. With more than 150 years of experience in fire safety, Siemens understands the specific requirements of archives and libraries in terms of fire prevention, detection, response, and recovery. Our tailored solutions and services comply with the highest safety standards, and incorporate products and systems that meet industry-specific standards and regulations.

Early and reliable fire detection

Fire detection in archives and libraries can be challenging due to the room configuration. A typical fire in this environment starts slowly with a long period of overheating and smoldering before erupting into flames. To detect the overheating and avoid the onset of flames, very early smoke detection is required. The detection concept from Siemens integrates highly accurate smoke detection with SintesoTM S-LINE detectors and aspirating smoke detection, on one loop. As soon as the aspirating smoke detection system sends an alarm, the ventilation systems are shut down to allow a verification of the alarm with Sinteso S-LINE. On alarm confirmation, the extinguishing system is activated.

Clear alarming and safe evacuation

In case of a fire, alarm sounders and sounder beacons alert people. The voice alarm system E100 from Siemens is automatically activated by the fire safety system and gives clear and precise information and instructions with voice messages to ensure a safe evacuation of customers and staff. 

Fast and reliable extinguishing

In archives and libraries, irreplaceable items are at great risk not just from destruction by fire, but also from contamination or degradation by smoke and heat. With SinorixTM H2O Gas, rewarded with the Security Innovation Award 2008, we offer a highly efficient extinguishing solution for archives, in which the combined use of nitrogen and water provides faster extinguishing and long-lasting re-ignition prevention. The system requires very little water, so it is even suitable for very sensitive assets as it will not damage them.

In areas, where water isn`t acceptable at all, Siemens offers a valid alternative solution, based on pure natural gases: Sinorix N2 Ar CO2.

For archives with additional overpressure restrictions, we recommend our innovative solution Sinorix CDT. A unique constant discharge technology (CDT) based on natural agents that allows a reduction of overpressure flaps by up to 70%.

Our extinguishing control panels XC10 are designed for dry extinguishing application areas such as archives. The panels can function as a stand-alone solution or be efficiently integrated into larger fire safety systems.

Integrated solutions: safety, security, and energy efficiency

The challenge of effective preservation of precious or critical assets in archives and libraries encompasses not just fire protection but also theft and vandalism prevention, as well as climate stability. Siemens has extensive know-how in the fields of fire safety, security, and energy management: we combine these disciplines to improve overall risk management and return on investment:

  • Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation account for up to 70% of building’s energy costs. Our building automation systems help archives and libraries reduce energy consumption – and costs – and reach the required climate conditions.

  • With our access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance systems, the overall security is greatly improved during business hours and out of hours:
    - Flexible access control for restricted areas, time management, event analysis, and reporting
    - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) asset tracing to protect valuable assets
    - Video surveillance to record incidents before and after an event
    - Intrusion detection for the protection against unauthorized access out of hours

Central monitoring and control

The MM8000 danger management station from Siemens increases security and allows you to centrally control and monitor your fire safety system as well as other integrated building automation and safety, or security subsystems, such as extinguishing, access control or video surveillance. This means that you can monitor everything from the control room – and benefit from simple, uniform operation of all integrated systems.

Comprehensive advice, support, and services

We provide comprehensive advice and support during every phase of a project – from the risk analysis of your archive to the specification and evaluation of our solution. Our service portfolio covers the entire spectrum throughout the life cycle – from alarm management, system maintenance, and extensions to modernization:

  • “Advantage Plus” service provides dedicated service options tailored for archives and libraries.

  • With SafeGuard, our proactive remote service, critical system deviations are identified before they become problems.

  • Our “Guaranteed Repair Time” assures that your systems are up and running at all times, protecting people and processes continuously – allowing you to focus on your core business.