Archive and library fire safety

Fire is one of the most prevalent threats to archives and libraries, which store often irreplaceable items that are at risk from fire itself, but also from contamination by smoke and heat. Traditional fire extinguishing systems, which are water-based, can also cause irrevocable damage to library and archive collections. Restauration or reconstruction following a fire can take years and drain budgets. Siemens archives and libraries fire protection solutions ensure your treasures are protected and preserved. 

Siemens brings an all-encompassing know-how of the risks and environmental specificities in archives and libraries. Our integrated fire safety solutions are tailored to individual risk levels, regulations and customer circumstances independently from the type of items stored. They also include:

  • Security

  • Building automation

  • Extensive services

This holistic approach improves damage prevention and mitigation, and enhances the recovery capability of archives and libraries – maximizing return on investment in the long run.

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