IT room

Airport systems needs to remain active 24 hours a day as these provide the backbone to keeping an airport running effectively.


Therefore controlling access is vitally important to areas where IT servers are located. Video surveillance provides instant verification of what is happening inside the room and a record of who entered. Physical access could be controlled using a card with PIN access, or combined with biometric access, such as palm or vein. As a provider of all these technologies, Siemens will recommend the appropriate solution to the respective security risks.

Fire safety

With the risk of fire being a real threat in IT rooms, immediate detection and action is vital. With detection taking place both around the room and inside raised floors, detectors from Siemens offer a Genuine Alarm Guarantee, ensuring reliable detection. This is then matched with suppression – once a fire incident is detected, gas extinguishing systems from Siemens will ensure it is immediately extinguished without damaging the equipment in the room.

Energy efficiency

IT rooms need two things to operate; cooling and power. Reliable power distribution from Siemens ensures all servers and systems are protected against any power supply issues. Sensors monitor both the equipment and the room, with ventilation systems ensuring cabinets and the room remain cooled. Automated monitoring of the sensor values can trigger an alarm if a deviation from preset values occurs, alerting an engineer to check the issue before it can develop into something serious, and therefore maintain continuous system operation.