Burners & Boilers

Heating burners must be monitored by an approved control system to ensure that it really ignites on start-up and that the flame then continues to burn without interruption until controlled shutdown. In case of defects of the combustion system (whether in the burner, in the valves, in the flame monitoring system etc.) Siemens devices ensure the entire plant will be shut down - all fuel valves (oil or gas) are closed immediately, and all control devices remain interlocked in the failsafe position with the shutdown condition indicated.

Siemens comprehensive product range includes burner controls, actuators, flame detectors, sensors, control systems, gas valves, testing equipment and system solutions. In all Siemens products, safety features are combined with algorithms to improve comfort and (wherever possible) to reduce fuel consumption. This means that we control the heating plant throughout an airport, and also contribute directly to the reduction in carbon emissions.