Tailored intelligent solutions to protect passengers, assets and infrastructure

Airports are vital gateways between cities and countries, and their security and integrity remain essential to the socio-economic stability of today's society.

The role of airport security today goes far beyond its traditional remit. Modern security systems need to deliver dynamic and flexible performance, convenience and resilience enabling airports to operate seamlessly in routine as well as in emergency situations.

Our solution

With our integrated security solutions we provide the expertise, technologies and technical integration capabilities helping airports around the world achieve their ambitions and objectives, from keeping passengers and assets safe to ensuring the most efficient management of all applicable airport traffic and processes.

We provide peace of mind to airport operators worldwide with integrated solutions and services that improve their ability to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from security incidents.

Our in-depth understanding of airports’ operational challenges and regulatory requirements translates into tailored and compliant solutions that facilitate a more economical and dynamic use of resources and available airport capacity, both in routine and emergency situations.

We reduce business disruptions and their impact on operational costs and Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) by combining innovative technologies with comprehensive services. This ensures high system availability and reliability, and facilitates seamless system upgrades and expansions – for long term investment protection.

Our unique capability to integrate security, fire safety and airport management systems reduces operational complexity, thereby creating new opportunities for operators to meet the needs of their stakeholders – consistently, profitably and responsibly.


  • Highly reliable, customizable safety and security solutions, incl. wide-area surveillance and command and control

  • Future-proof solutions that allow flexible integration and later expansions

  • Comprehensive consulting and services tailored to your individual requirements

  • Integrated safety and security standards complying with local and global standards and regulations