Protecting employees and visitors from fires – and increasing operational safety

Companies, public facilities, hotels, hospitals, etc. bear high responsibility for the safety of their employees, visitors and patients. At the same time, the most diverse fire hazards can endanger this safety. These include, for instance:

  • Handling highly flammable substances,

  • Technical defects,

  • Spark-producing processes

  • Or just negligent human behaviour.

It is necessary to adopt suitable measures to protect the people in the building reliably against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

The protection of human lives is thus the most important task of a fire detection system, as a few minutes may be crucial in the event of fire, especially e.g. in healthcare facilities: Here, the several bed-ridden and physically impaired patients cannot save themselves. Therefore, early fire detection and alarming is of vital importance.

Earliest Fire Detection with Sinteso / Safe Evacuation, Thanks to Sinteso
Protection of Employees and Visitors in the Company as well as Patients, Visitors and Employees in Healthcare Facilities

Nevertheless, documents, data, devices and systems in the building must be protected against fire at the same time. Irrespective of whether they are medical devices, production robots, stored goods, documents or the central server: protection of material property also means the protection of knowledge, processes and ability to act. The more limited the damage, the quicker the operation can be restarted. According to a study in the U.S., more than 70% of the companies, which were affected by a large-scale fire, had to stop operations within three years. Most frequent reason: interruption of operations, leading to loss of valuable customers.

Safety of Irreplaceable Information and Infrastructure / Early Intervention, thanks to Sinteso
Protecting Data and Systems, and Storage Rooms and Assets in the Building