Safety functions – High-tech for more safety in the event of fire

With state-of-the-art technology and innovative safety functions, Sinteso sets a new standard in fire safety. Special hardware and software functions have been developed to face all kinds of challenges.

Continuous Availability

  • Standby functionality – takeover of the complete display and operational functionality of a failed central control unit by predefined standby operating panels, e.g. even in the case of interrupted connection to the management station

  • Degrade mode – alarm forwarding of connected FDnet devices even in the case of failure of a processing unit in a control panel.

  • Turbo isolators – extremely quick re-initialisation in the case of a loop error; continuous availability of detectors, alarming devices and floor repeater terminals and displays

  • Software redundancy – monitoring of the control panel software for correct functioning

  • Loop architecture – installation of FDnet, cluster (FCnet/SAFEDLINK) and backbone (FCnet/LAN) as loop


Thanks to the cluster-backbone architecture, Sinteso allows flexible expansion to a large area at any time – in compliance with EN 54 to up to 64 fire detection control panels.


Thanks to the degrade mode in the Sinteso control panels, alarms of the FDnet devices will be forwarded even in the event of control panel failure.

Sophisticated Detection

  • ASAtechnology™ – highest immunity to deceptive phenomena worldwide in signal evaluation, unique resistance against false alarms and resulting operational interruptions

  • Redundant sensors – for highest detector availability

  • Multi-sensor detector – detection of several fire criteria up to combustion gas (CO); extremely reliable detection of different types of fires and extremely early response to all fires that cause carbon monoxide, e.g. smoldering fires

  • Detection of CO concentrations independent from fires – protection against carbon monoxide poisoning; without false alarms through temporary CO development, e.g. through car exhaust gases, thanks to parameterizable CO detection behavior

Reliable alarming

  • Floor repeater terminals & vectoring – customized layout of messages and alarms for concentrating on the essentials

  • Turbo isolators – uninterrupted indication, operation and alarming via the floor repeater terminal as well as alarming devices even in case of short circuit

  • Video Fire Controller – safe event verification and assessment of the situation through live images from the hazard zone; simple, downstream incidence and root cause analysis based on recorded film material

  • Voice alarm system E100 – safe, orderly evacuation through spoken instructions

  • Synchronized alarming – quick, real-time acoustic and visual alarming via alarm sounder, alarm sounder beacon, operating terminals and voice announcements in connection with the voice alarm system E100