Better protection means higher technical and software requirements

The higher the safety requirements of employees and visitors, the higher are the requirements for a fire alarm system. Innovative and well-thought solutions for more reliability, precision and alarm safety are sought after to further protect human lives and reduce damage. A solution that leaves no wishes unfulfilled: Sinteso.

Reliability – Fully Functional System in any Situation

No False Alarms through Deceptive Phenomena – Thanks to Sinteso
Earliest Fire Detection Without False Alarms – Even in Difficult Environments

In the event of a fire, everything should function seamlessly in the fire detection system and the fire alarms should be forwarded immediately. Only in this manner do the security service, fire brigade and rescue personnel receive the required information in good time. Whether line interruption, short circuit or failure of central processing units, data transmission should be guaranteed around the clock. Sinteso ensures continuous system availability through its wide-ranging features.

Precision – Exact Detection and Analysis

The earlier a fire is detected, the easier it is to extinguish it and the more limited is the damage caused. Carbon monoxide concentrations should also be detected, before they become hazardous to people. However, the following also occur as a result of work processes in certain conditions:

  • Dust,

  • Heat,

  • Vapour,

  • Soot

  • Or temporarily increased CO concentrations.

Although they do not represent any hazard as such, they can trigger false alarms and may lead to expensive operational interruptions and risks for operations, trial runs, etc. Therefore, protection of human lives requires extremely early detection of real hazards – and highest tamper-safety at the same time. To this end, Sinteso has unique safety features for sophisticated detection.

Alarm Safety – for Quick Intervention and Evacuation

Reliable alarming is essential for protection of human life. Only when building users are alerted early and clear instructions for action are received, can they be evacuated in an orderly manner, without panic. The alarm should be clearly visible and audible everywhere in the hazard zone – even for employees in the proximity of loud technical systems or at angled corridors. Optimum response by the responsible personnel also requires specific information from the danger zone – either through video images or alarm displays. With its entire bundle of safety features, Sinteso sets a new standard for reliable alarming.