Sinteso system - new cluster/backbone architecture

The newest version of Sinteso even allows simple networking for very large applications as well. It is the first fire protection system in the world to have an EN 54-compliant fiber-optic backbone, which can be extended to include 64 fire control panels or terminals. Sinteso is thus able to protect companies, airports, hospitals, and universities whose buildings are spread out across a large area. The fiber-optic backbone (FCnet/LAN) allows several cluster, the fiber-optic backbone (FCnet/LAN) allows several clusters (FCnet/SAFEDLINK) of up to 16 fire control panels to be interconnected. In addition, this also enables the fire protection system to be expanded flexibly to include structures and buildings at a later time. As a general principle, the entire system is based on a redundant design: Each cluster is integrated within the backbone using two independent EN 54-compliant Ethernet switches. This cluster/backbone architecture with LAN technology ensures functional stability and high availability of the network at all times.

The concept offers a high degree of planning and operational flexibility because each control panel and terminal allows full access to the entire network. In addition, remote access is possible from existing networks by using special security modules and the Visualization Software SintesoView/Sinteso Touch, as well as the App Sinteso Mobile. The entire network requires only one interface for both alarm and fault transmission as well as the pager and danger management system. This not only simplifies planning but also guarantees prompt alarm transmissions. Siemens thus offers the first IP network-based solution for fire protection that fully complies with EN 54 fire detection and fire alarm system standards on control, alarm transmission, visibility, and access.