Sinteso field device network FDnet

FDnet: The network that supplies everything

The FDnet (Field Device network) is a modern, multipurpose bus system. It allows rapid, fail-safe communication between the Sinteso™ bus elements and the fire control panel.

Characteristics of networking via the detector bus

  • Use of all cable types (shielded or unshielded)

  • Integration of star-shaped cable networks without modifications to cable network

  • Shielding not necessary

  • 2-wire loop

  • Power supply to all bus elements via the FDnet (except input/output module FDCIO221, zone module FDCI223, “transponder” FDCIO223,extinguishing control unit XC10, aspirating smoke detectors FDA221/241)

Key data

  • Up to 40 T-taps

  • Up to 252 bus elements on one loop

  • Cable lengths up to 3.3 km with up to 126 bus elements