Sinteso cluster (FCnet/SAFEDLINK)

FCnet/SAFEDLINK stations for different requirements

The FCnet is the network for connecting up to 32 Sinteso fire control panels and terminals.They can be networked in any configuration via the powerful FCnet. The innovative, redundant network node sets new standards not only in terms of fault tolerance, but also interms of fast data transmission.

Characteristics of networking via the system bus

  • Wiring with two-wire lines

  • Redundant transmission thanks to circular wiring

  • Increased safety due to degrade mode using a second network module

  • No additional cabling necessary for degrade mode; even for systems with more than 512 fire detectors

  • Configurable view of individual panels

Key data

  • Max. number of panels in a cluster: 32

  • Max. number of panels in a cluster if connected to a danger management system: 16

  • Max. distance between panels with copper cable
    - without repeater: 1,000 m
    - with repeater: 2,000 m

  • Max. distance between panels with fiber-optic cable
    - multi mode (FN2007-A1): 4,000 m
    - single mode (FN2006-A1): 40,000 m

  • Max. number of panels with system-wide view: 5