SWING – feeling safe, being free

Reliable and flexible wireless fire alarm system: With SWING, Siemens combines the highly reliable mesh technology with its own unique ASAtechnology.

Radio fire detection is the ideal solution for rooms or buildings of historical value, with aesthetic or architectural restrictions or for temporary installations. Thanks to wireless technology, devices can be quickly and freely positioned and repositioned. This facilitates planning, allows for cost-efficient installation and offers a high level of freedom and flexibility should room usage or building structure change in the future.

Application examples for SWING – the reliable and flexible wireless fire alarm system

  • Museums, historical sites, libraries

  • Hotel rooms, offices, convention halls

  • Industrial rooms with changing usage

  • Temporary installations like exhibitions

Mesh technology – outstanding connection reliability

Mesh technology takes wireless network and communication reliability to the max. Because all wireless devices communicate with their neighbors, at least two redundant paths are always available to transmit information. To increase reliability even further, each wireless device has two frequency bands with several channels. In case of a disturbance, the network will mend itself by automatically changing the channel or frequency band or by rerouting the information via another neighboring device. That way, all information will always reach the gateway, making the wireless network as safe as a cabled one. Moreover, mesh technology enables large and powerful wireless networks: An installation with one gateway can have a radius of 60 m – spanning up to five floors. As all wireless devices are interlinked, the gateway does not need a direct connection with each and every one.

Unique detection reliability with ASAtechnology

The SWING detector offers very fast and highly reliable detection response to smoldering and flaming fires caused by the combustion of liquid and solid matters and thus is more reliable than a conventional smoke detector. The redundant sensor system with two optical and two heat sensors enables highest detection reliability. The unique ASAtechnology™ (ASA = advanced signal analysis) from Siemens allows you to optimally adapt the detector to the current environmental condition by simply choosing an application-specific ASA parameter set. ASAtechnology interprets and evaluates the signals in real time and dynamically adapts the selected parameter set. As a result, the detector is immune to deceptive phenomena such as dust, steam or gas – preventing false alarms and thus costly business interruptions. This makes the ASA detector the optimal solution for any application, from clean to harsh.