Explosion-hazard area products

Detectors, manual call points, and alarm indicators for explosion-hazard areas.

Explosion-hazard area products
The state-of-the-art addressable Ex solution with the unique ASAtechnology from Siemens

Difficult sites like plants in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metal, paint and coating and gas distribution industries as well as oil refineries, pipelines and other installations are vulnerable to the risk of explosion. To reliably protect people and assets, special solutions are required for fast and reliable fire detection.

The comprehensive, state-of-the-art fire safety portfolio from Siemens has been enhanced by the addition of an advanced solution for Ex applications. Details like the galvanically isolated Line Adapter (Ex) and the unique ASAtechnologyTM from Siemens make the addressable multi-sensor detector a technically superior product and the ideal choice for gas zones 0, 1 and 2. Excellent detection reliability and immunity to deceptive phenomena prevent unnecessary downtime and costs caused by false alarms.

Because addressable detectors also work in collective mode, the Ex solution is the best choice to upgrade, modernize or extend existing systems with the latest technology – step by step.

The highlights are:

  • Ex solutions are the ideal choice for all gas zones 0,1 and 2

  • ASAtechnology guarantees the earliest and most reliable detection

  • Due to addressable devices, less cabling is needed which makes it an economical solution

  • The detection reliability is backed by Genuine Alarm Guarantee. Therefore, no costly business interruptions due to false alarms

  • Siemens has the broadest portfolio covering all fire safety needs

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Multi-sensor detector FDOOT241-A9-Ex

Detector for the early warning of smoke-forming flaming fires and smoldering fires in explosion-hazard areas:
- Uniform response behavior for different types of fires
- New, high-performance opto-electronic sensor system
- High resistance to soiling and temperature fluctuation

Flame detector DF1101-EX

Flame detector intrinsically safe for Ex-protected areas:
- For inside and outside applications
- Selective evaluation of flicker frequency
- Selectable application algorithms
- Excellent immunity to false alarms thanks to a combination of patented fuzzy logic and wavelet analysis
- Highest resistance to: electromagnetic influence, sunlight, and heat radiation, humidity and corrosion

Manual call point FDM223-Ex

With indirect operation.

Alarm indicator for recess mounting FDAI93-Ex

Made of transparent plastic‚ the FDAI93-Ex alarm indicator is suitable for installation in door frames‚ switching panels‚ ceiling voids or special housings. The 23 mm Ø mounting hole is drilled by the system owner. The holder must be fitted with the insulating cap for safety.

Alarm indicator FDAI92-Ex

The alarm indicator FDAI92-Ex for wall mounting is connected to automatic fire detectors in order to indicate quickly the source of an alarm signal from detectors which are not easily accessible or visible.