Sinteso Move detectors – extending and modernizing existing systems with multi-sensor detectors

Multiple protocol-ready Sinteso Move multi-sensor detector

Sinteso™ Move detectors are multi-protocol, multi-sensor detectors. This means that they can be integrated into the Sinteso FDnet and also communicate with existing panels from other fire detection systems from Siemens. Existing detectors can be replaced individually or section by section with state-of-the-art Sinteso Move detectors – without the need for construction measures. Sinteso Move is ideal for extending existing systems or preparing for the future with the latest fire detection technology during modernizations or maintenance.

As multi-sensor detectors, Sinteso Move detectors have two optical and two thermal sensors. Thanks to their redundant sensors, a patented dust-resistant measuring chamber as well as high EMC protection, fire detection and analysis is even more reliable. After a modernization, the multi-sensor technology and ASAtechnology™ of the detectors can be activated as required.

Highlights of Sinteso Move multi-sensor detectors:

  • High detection reliability thanks to multiple criteria fire detectors

  • High availability due to redundant sensors

  • Protection against false alarms thanks to ASAtechnology in conjunction with Sinteso control panels

  • High environmental friendliness through usage of environmentally friendly material

  • Prolonged life cycle thanks to a smart detector revision offering under the same conditions

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Relevant base adapter,
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Extension / modernization for

Availability of ASAtechnology



AlgoRex AnalogPLUS lines

In combination with the Sinteso control panels




In combination with the Sinteso control panels



AlgoRex Interactive lines

In combination with the Sinteso control panels



Collective lines

Immediately after detector implementation



MS8/PMT lines

Immediately after detector implementation