Extend your SIGMASYS system with Sinteso Move

With the intelligent Sinteso™ Move extension solution, you can extend your existing SIGMASYS system with the latest fire detection technology right where you need it – whether you are extending your building, opening up unused building areas or making major changes to room functions.

Three basic extension possibilities for SIGMASYS

  • Addition of detectors

  • Addition of detector loops

  • Extending the existing panel network using the Sinteso network integrator FG2020

Smart, small system extension using Sinteso Move detectors

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Smart, small extention for single rooms

  • Step-by-step system extension by integrating individual Sinteso Move detectors into existing SIGMALOOPs - as multiple protocol detectors, these detectors can communicate with your existing control panel

  • After replacing the control panels, the multi-sensor technology and ASAtechnology™ of these detectors can be activated if required.

Smart, medium-sized system extension with new SIGMALOOP or Sinteso FDnet detector

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Smart, medium-sized extension for larger areas

  • Extending existing control panels with entire detector loops with Sinteso Move detectors – e.g. by using existing SIGMALOOPs in the SIGMASYS C panel that still have free slots

  • Extending existing modular panels SIGMASYS M/L with Sinteso FDnet loops and the Sinteso detectors of the C-LINE and S-LINE, including the advantages of the ASAtechnology of the Sinteso S-LINE detectors

Combined system extension for networked applications using the Sinteso network

Combined extensions for campus-wide applications, e.g. new building complexes

  • Merging the existing panel network with the new Sinteso system into a common platform using the Sinteso Move network integrator FG2020

  • Displaying system messages from the existing panel network in the new shared network at any Sinteso panel

  • Sinteso Move network integrator: full functionality and operation of a Sinteso panel with connection options for up to four Sinteso FDnet loops


  • Long-term investment protection through technology that grows along with your needs

  • Protection against false alarms thanks to ASAtechnology

  • Faster device replacement and faster integration without interrupting operations

  • Optimal basis for a future modernization of the existing system