Smoke detector replacement – four phases to a modern system

Why are a timely modernization and smoke detector replacement so important? Often, older systems no longer meet the safety requirements currently prescribed for new installations. As time goes by, they also require increasingly intensive maintenance. Additionally, many factors change within your company - whether products, services, or working methods and processes. These aspects affect your safety needs, which is why your fire detection system requires a timely modernization.

The Sinteso Move modernization solution comprises four phases, which means that the smoke detector replacement can be completed in several steps. This ensures minimum business interruptions and maximum system availability. Your employees, visitors and operations will be almost entirely unaffected by the smoke detector replacement.

Phase 1: Gradually replace old smoke detectors with Sinteso Move detectors

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Phase 1: Step-by-step detector replacement

Existing detectors are replaced by Sinteso Move detectors, either individually or section by section.

  • Can be performed as part of a scheduled maintenance

  • No need for construction measures, as existing cables can be simply be reused

  • Old detectors are professionally removed and disposed of

  • Can be perfomed as part of a contractually agreed Sinteso detector revision

Phase 2: Updating existing danger management system after completed smoke detector replacement

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Phase 2: Updating the existing danger management system

All detectors have been replaced. Often, this phase involves no more than supplying your existing danger management system with a software update. This ensures that the combined monitoring and operation of your various safety systems and your fire detection system, including the new smoke detectors, is state-of-the-art.

Phase 3: Modernizing existing control panel structure with Sinteso

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Phase 3: Comfortable modernization at the control panel level

Your existing fire control panels are now replaced with Sinteso control panels. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the Sinteso technology, for example:

Phase 4: Upgrade the danger management system to the building management platform Desigo CC

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Phase 4: Upgrade the danger management system

By upgrading your danger management system to the building management platform Desigo CC, you will get the benefit of being able to integrate all of a building's systems, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, shading, room automation, power and fire safety, as well as security functions such as video surveillance and intrusion detection.


  • Efficient, scheduled modernization in four phases

  • No interruption of operations - high system availability

  • Long-term investment protection thanks to innovative technology platform

  • Protection against false alarms thanks to ASAtechnology

  • Latest control panel technology with intuitive operation and innovative functions

  • Attractive financing models