Detector revision - smoke detector replacement for increased safety

Revised fire detection increases security and save money

Regular smoke detector replacement can prove crucial for the safety of both people and assets: Depending on the detector and its environment, the first signs of wear and tear can show after four to eight years of operation and can influence the sensitivity of a detector. The detector revision prolongs the life span of your smoke detectors. Through timely smoke detector replacement, you can keep the reliability of your smoke detectors at a consistently high level for a very long time - in spite of the dust and microparticles in the ambient air.

At precisely the right time, soiled smoke detectors will be replaced with revised detectors of the same type.

  • The soiled detectors go to one of our in-house repair and revision sites.

  • There, they will be disassembled, cleaned and checked.

  • Any defective part will be replaced.

  • Then, all detectors will be reassembled and subjected to a final test.

  • The revised detectors leave the factory for their next use.

Smoke detector replacement according to a certified detector revision process

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The revised detectors now have the same detection reliability as a new detector. Each detector receives the CE seal of approval and our usual warranty. In addition, the revision process is certified according to ISO 14000 and so fulfills all the requirements of reliable environmental management. Thanks to detector revision, the detectors stay as good as new - in any environment, from relatively clean offices to industrial applications with a high level of pollutants.

Good reasons for regular smoke detector replacement:

  • Prevention of costly false alarms or even a fire

  • Optimized detection quality

  • Extending the life cycle of the detector

Soiled detectors are neither as reliable nor as precise as usual. That is why they should be replaced.


Long-term detector reliability thanks to regular smoke detector replacement


Highlights of smoke detector replacement

  • Consistently reliable protection of employees, customers and processes

  • Higher business continuity through continuous protection against false alarms

  • Foreseeable costs thanks to contractual agreement

  • Investment protection due to prolonged life cycle of your detectors

  • Peace of mind as a result of competent, regular control and detector revision

  • Compliance with the norm EN 54 as well as relevant standards and regulations

  • Cost-savings compared with new detector purchase

  • Environment-friendliness because 90% of components can be reused

  • Uninterrupted fire protection, even during smoke detector replacement