Remote access with SintesoView, Sinteso Touch and Sinteso Mobile

Stationary or mobile, on site or remotely: the Sinteso fire protection system can be operated
from anywhere ‒ easily, safely and conveniently. View events, faults, alarms and status messages and execute actions via PC, tablet and smartphone or use a terminal that is installed directly at the workplace.

Gain remote system access – with SintesoView/Sinteso Touch

With the visualization software SintesoView and Sinteso Touch, you can operate your system from anywhere. Both run on PCs and tablets that are compatible with Windows. These devices serve as a virtual terminal, offering the same user interface and functionalities as the Sinteso control panels in the fire protection network. Besides viewing all events like warnings and alarms, you can also control the system status and the opening of fire doors, see past events and, if authorized, activate or deactivate fire zones.

SintesoView mirros the user interface and functionalities of the FT2040 fire terminal and of the control panels FC2020, FC2030, FC2040 und FC2060.

Sinteso Touch visualizes the FT2080 touch screen terminal on a PC or tablet.

Remote operation meets the highest communication safety standards: both PC and tablet can be connected to the Internet or the customer network via LAN, WLAN or mobile network operator. The signals are then transmitted to an Ethernet switch that connects to the backbone. This connection is protected against unauthorized access by a firewall. A license key provides access to the fire protection system.

Sinteso Mobile – the fire safety app

With Sinteso Mobile, you receive alarm messages from your fire protection system directly on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also use the app to access your system and respond immediately to events. Of course, access protection ensures that only authorized users with registered devices gain system access. Depending on your user rights, the Sinteso Mobile App offers complete system access. Its user interface has a tabular design. Alarms and faults are
displayed in different colors.

  • Complete remote system access in real time – via smartphone, tablet or PC

  • Increased safety through fast response and short intervention time in case of an event

  • Maximum IT security thanks to access protection and firewall