Sinteso terminals

FT2080 - the comfort fire terminals for remote operation

The FT2080 comfort fire terminal with touch screen operation supplements the Sinteso control panels. Offering the full view and operation capabilities as the panels it is networked with, it enables fast system access. And because it can be installed close to the security staff’s work area, there’s no need to walk to the main panel. This leads to a much faster reaction time in the event of an alarm. In addition, the FT2080 combines the intuitive operation and straightforward instructions of a management station with the ease of installation of a terminal.

The large, 12-inch high-resolution color display with touch screen functionality offers context-sensitive user guidance. At any time, users have a clear overview of the system's status and can easily distinguish between different messages. This ensures correct reactions even in stressful situations - which increases safety. The display also utilizes resistive touch screen technology. So it can be operated while wearing gloves and is securely protected from humidity and dirt. The FT2080 meets the highest safety standards in accordance with EN 54-2 - making it the ideal choice for any industry and environment.

Common Features

  • Housing options: housing (Standard) FH2002-A1, desktop housing FHA2040, rear cover FHA2039

  • Separate and redundant DC 24-V supply input

  • Display and operation in accordance with EN 54-2

  • Networkability via FCnet/SAFEDLINK or FCnet/Ethernet

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Description, consists of

> FT2080-A1 (coming soon)

- Operating Unit

Expansions and accessories

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  • Expansion FT2080 (coming soon)

  • Accessories FT2080 (coming soon)

FT2040 – the fire terminals for remote operation

Sinteso terminals FT2040

The FT2040 fire terminals supplement the fire control panels, mirroring the displays and functions of the control panels with which it is networked. Thus, it allows the same system operation as the control panels, which is practical for adding further operating terminals some distance away from the control panels, for example in the security monitoring room or reception area. This enables the personnel to react faster to alarms and faults, from their own workstations, without having to go to the control panel.

Common Features:

  • Integrated control unit

  • Separate and redundant DC 24 V supply input possible

  • Networkability via FCnet/SAFEDLINK or Ethernet

  • Power supply: 70 W (optional)

  • Battery capacity: max. 2x7 Ah

  • Cabinet dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 398 x 80mm

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Description, consists of

> FT2040-AZ

- Eco housing

> FT2040-EZ

- Eco housing

- 24 LED display groups

Expansions and accessories

Please find all information in our product catalog:

  • Expansion FT2040

  • Accessories FT2040