Applications and references

Sinteso – application areas

Siemens has the perfect solution for every area of application:

  • from simple to complex

  • from small to very large applications

  • from clean to moderate and harsh environments


Sinteso applications

Harsh environments, for example in industry – with frequent deceptive environmental phenomena such as dust, steam or welding fumes.

Moderate environments, such as office buildings and shopping centers, with average risk to people and occasional deceptive environmental phenomena.

Clean environments, such as server rooms or patient rooms, where the top priority is protection of people and data.

Sinteso references


Sinteso references

Mövenpick Hotel in Frankfurt (Germany) Sinteso fire alarm system with 1,200 Sinteso fire detectors.

Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (Austria)
Sinteso fire protection system with linear smoke, point-type smoke, flame, and radio detectors.

Sommer Antriebs- and Funktechnik GmbH (Germany)
Two FC2040 panels, 127 S-LINE detectors and six manual call points.